About the project

Following the global trends, EVN takes concrete steps towards wider adaptation of electromobility in North Macedonia. The most important prerequisite for to increase the usage of electric vehicles is the proper, developed charging infrastructure. In addition to charging in their homes, in order to be able to travel longer distances, electric vehicle owners also need chargers available in public areas. The chargers need to be placed in the drivers' direction of movement and at distances of up to 100 km from one another.

EVN, in cooperation with the municipalities, built a solid electric infrastructure throughout the country. As part of this project for development of electromobility, EVN has installed charging stations for electric vehicles in 18 cities.In the City of Skopje, several chargers were installed on public areas but also on frequented locations such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls... 

From now on, all owners of electric vehicles, from the country or from abroad, will be able to travel smoothly in any direction within and outside the country's borders.

The chargers can be used with EVN Charging card or through direct payment with a credit or debit card. 

EVN's goals are clear – to increase the number of electric vehicles on the streets, which will contribute to reducing air pollution, but also noise polution in urban areas and long-term sustainability of the environment. The company continuously works on expanding and improving the electromobility network in order to make it even more available and accessible.